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ACA Review – Transparency & Looking Forward

Congratulations to ACA for another successful event. In addition to the spirit and comradery which is standard at ACA events, the 2024 Winter Conference felt like something more. The past few years have changed many things and have given a renewed sense of importance and energy when we gather as an industry.

During the busy few days, I had numerous educational conversations with officials that either currently own or are looking to upgrade their contraband screening program – both for the front (employees and visitors) and back (inmates) of the house. A few themes were common:

  • Transparency: A big topic of discussion this year. When a vendor gives a price, what does that include? All shipping, delivery, integration, and warranty? Training?
  • A solution: Some facilities may have a legacy body scanner or other X-ray machines, but they do not want to invest in a standalone piece of equipment. They want an integrated solution that complements their intake procedures and space requirements.
  • The process: Depending on the technology, certifications and local testing may be required for commissioning and regular use. This is after a lengthy procurement process. This additional burden can create barriers, especially for smaller facilities.

I specifically want to focus on transparency as the actions of one vendor can create negative perceptions of our industry. This issue is at the core of STVS and our promise to you. When you receive a quote from STVS, it always includes:

  • Shipping and transportation
  • Integration and commissioning
  • Training
  • Warranty

No hidden charges and no gimmicks. Learn about the STVS difference.

Barry Johnson